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New additions to the lifestyle collection - art series bags!

by Fern Siebler |

Be the envy of your travel buddies with a handmade, one-of-a-kind art series bag.

Each bag has been lovingly crafted and brought to life with soft 100% cotton outer printed with three different artwork designs and coordinating coloured fabric linings.

Each individual bag is unique and one of a kind! Created from larger sheets of fabric printed in Australia, and then cut/sewn into one-off bags. The bags are all handmade in Victoria.

Awake at midnight collection 
'Can't be broken' collection
'Cloud nine noir' collection

In order of largest to smallest, the bags are below. To show scale of the different bags, I have used a standard mascara and lipstick tube standing next to the bags. The uses are suggested - you can really use for whatever you like!

MAXI luxe  (uses - cosmetics, toiletries, haircare for travel or storage)
MIDI rounded (uses - cosmetics, toiletries, haircare for travel or storage)
MEDIUM luxe  (uses - cosmetics, toiletries, haircare for travel or storage)
PETITE luxe   (uses - coin purse, accessories, lipsticks, jewellery, sanitary products)
LONG clutch   (uses - sunglasses, accessories, phone, lipsticks, pencil case, makeup brushes)
PETITE clutch (uses - sunglasses, accessories, phone, lipsticks)
Hope you love them! Fern xx