Ella Baché collaboration - The Joy of Beauty

Ella Baché collaboration - The Joy of Beauty

This summer, I am thrilled to have teamed up with Ella Baché, one of Australia’s most iconic and well-known skincare brands, to bring to life the packaging of their 2020 Christmas Collection with my ink painting 'Sierra'.

We are celebrating the Joy of Beauty this Festive Season. The joy of glowing skin, the joy of spending time with the ones we love and the joy of our Australian Summer.

"It feels surreal, as I have always known Ella Baché, but I never imagined that my artwork would one day end up on their packaging. It is exciting to be working with such an established brand and I have no doubt I’ll continue to look back and be incredibly proud and grateful for this opportunity."

Ella Bache x Fern Siebler

The artwork adorning the limited edition packaging, 'Sierra', is inspired by the ocean, sky, and warm feelings of happiness associated with summertime in Australia. Below is the excerpt I wrote to accompany the original artwork in 2017, describing the emotions the artwork evokes: 

Silent and blissful is the sunlight streaming through pure waters, a gentle breeze flitting between the waves rolling in and out at our feet.

Above: Sierra, original ink artwork, 2017

Designed to illuminate the complexion each of the Limited Edition Skincare Gift Packs have been designed for the perfect festive season glow up. With over 65 years in beauty and skincare Ella Baché is committed to helping women feel confident, as they believe everybody should be able to celebrate the joy of great skin.

"I always hope that my artwork makes people feel positive about themselves. Art, for me, means forming connection, whether through nature, emotion, memory, self or home, and the Ella Baché brand helps people feel connected to themselves. Together, our brands resonate well with one another as we both encourage confidence and empowerment."

Treat yourself, or a loved one with one of the limited-edition skincare packs, with each focusing on a particular skin concern – Ella Baché have you covered on all bases:


Ella Bache x Fern Siebler Illuminating skin gift pack



Ella bache x fern siebler - rejuvenating skin collection pack


Ella Bache x Fern Siebler - Skin essentials duo - gift pack 

See more and shop the collection here: www.ellabache.com.au/pages/give-joy-this-festive-season

Artwork has been licensed by Ella Baché via The Copyright Agency.