A little behind the scenes

A little behind the scenes

A typical day for me includes waking up as early as I can, running straight for the kitchen to make a coffee (you'll know this if you watch my instagram stories!) and then head outside to my home studio. They make jokes to say 'Don't even talk to me before coffee', but it's honestly pretty true with me! I like to use this time while I'm sipping away to take in the quiet surrounds, peer at the sun rising up through the clouds, and be calm and quiet before the rest of the world wakes up around me.

If I'm working on commissions, I will plan out the different sizes of paper I need to trim and mix up the perfect colours. I normally have a little experimental play on a smaller piece before I get started on these, to loosen up my creative energy.

I try to maximise my limited studio time, so I try to paint as MUCH as creatively possible for the day. Sometimes this is a lot, sometimes not much. I have learnt that you can't force creativity. It can sometimes have a mind of it's own that's for sure!

If you are having a "block", sometimes it's best to step away, and sometimes it really helps to grab a small canvas, a bunch of paints and just go for it.

I often get asked what my inspirations are. Most often, I'm inspired by nature surrounding me and my own personal experiences. It can truly vary day to day.

Recently I can remember looking up out the door of my studio, as I sat on the ground wondering where to next and I saw the leaves fluttering in the wind, and thought to myself "wow, how surreal and beautiful to think there are billions of trees across the whole world, all fluttering in the wind right now. Together."

And off I go, a thought of something beautiful and powerful can be enough to light the creative spark inside.