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Take me home (diptych)
Take me home (diptych)

Take me home (diptych)

‘Take me home’ is an original from my collection 'Fragments', built upon for over 12 months. This is a diptych with two pieces, can hang side by side or separately. 

Size: Each canvas is 76.5 x 76.5h x 4d cms. When hung side by side it will measure 153 x 76.5cm.

The inspiration from this series came from within, truly born from my lived experiences. This particular set is inspired by the yearning to return back home, to the beautiful place I grew up and call home. That is where I feel at peace.

The series has allow me to explore who I am, the art of self-love and self-expression. Each piece is intuitive, unlike any other I create. Each mark, brush stroke, every inch of canvas is a feeling captured in that moment. A feeling released. And my mind set free to be myself.

Mixed media on gallery wrapped cotton canvas, embellished with a real gold leaf.

Edges have some drips! Can be painted white if you'd prefer :)

If you would like to see a mock up of these in your own home, just email a photo to . Much love, Fern xxxx


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Take me home (diptych)

Take me home (diptych)