Summer lovers

Summer lovers

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150 x 100 x 4cm

An original painting filled with pinks, nudes and metallic 24k gold real, contrasted with cooler blue tones. This piece is painted on cotton canvas and is part of my ever evolving mixed media collection 'Fragments'.

This particular piece is inspired by the warmth of the sunshine on your skin and the feeling of bliss felt within. The blues of the summer sky reflected in a clear, bright ocean. Sand between your toes. A pink setting sun sparkling on the water at golden hour. The colours of the sky changing and reflecting in the water as the sun slowly sets.

The metallic gold leaf shines bright in different lights throughout the day. It really is a magical addition to my artworks.

This series is powerful and one that is really close to my heart. I feel lucky to continue to explore this collection over the past few years and to have sold many pieces from it to new art loving homes.

I hope you love it and it sparks something special for you. Fern xx

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