The Block 2020 - Upstairs Living and Hallway

The Block 2020 - Upstairs Living and Hallway

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2020 has just gotten a whole lot better!

My original artwork ‘Written in the stars’ AND my print duo ’Enchanted and spellbound’ just debuted on national tv on The Block 2020! 

Jasmin and Luke

I worked directly with Jasmin from Team 4 - Luke and Jasmin, via my wonderful online gallery Art Lovers Australia to create the original custom piece for her home. Jasmin's brief was coastal luxe, gold/brass to suit the interiors of her home.

A very big thank you to Art Lovers Australia for making this happen and providing an amazing level of support for Australian artists and to team 4 from WA Luke and Jasmin for trusting me to paint something for your lovely home in just one evening! 

I’d also like to say a big thank you to Hound and Bone Studio scanning this for me rather quickly with no questions asked while I rocked up half asleep and the lovely Mobile Framing for arranging the framing exceptionally quickly and delivering safely to the site. Big love to you all xo

You can shop this print here.

Harry and Tash

Harry and Tash opted for 'Enchanted' and 'Spellbound' - my ever so loved prints from Artist Lane, to hang in their glorious natural light filled space. 

Thank you @harryandtash for including my work in your home - what a truly stunning architectural space. A big big thank you to the team at Artist Lane who have been supporting me for several years and providing me and other artists with some incredible opportunities. You are truly amazing. Thank you! 

You can shop the prints here.

Fern xx