Interview with the Art Lovers Australia team

Interview with the Art Lovers Australia team

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It's no secret I love art! Since coming across Art Lovers Australia, and joining up as an artist, I have been truly grateful for their support. Nancy and Jarrod have a lifetime of kindness to give, they are full of knowledge about the art industry and I have no doubt they will see many successes in the future, their own and also the successes of the artists they support.

Here's a sneak peek of our chat:

Do you have a favourite piece, or a favourite colour combination that you like to use?

I love to paint with a minimal palette and I can’t resist lots of beautiful metallic details. Blacks, gold and blush pink are a stand out favourite of mine at the moment and I have just finished a large new piece ‘Nova’ which sparkles in the light and reminds me of wishing on shooting stars falling from the sky.

You can read our full interview below:

Thanks team ALA! xx