Art in Elle's Watsonia 'Dream Home' with Art Lovers Australia!

Art in Elle's Watsonia 'Dream Home' with Art Lovers Australia!

As seen on new renovation show Dream Home, with proud supplier Art Lovers Australia. Hosted by Dr Chris Brown.
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Hosted by Dr. Chris Brown, Dream Home is Channel 7's latest home renovation show, with pairs renovating each others houses across Australia.

Three esteemed judges of the reality show, include Lana Taylor (of Three Birds Renovations), Rosie Morley (Interior Designer) and Simon Cohen (Buyer's agent).

As viewers witness the transformation of houses into the contestants dream homes, they'll also be reminded of the transformative power of art in elevating living spaces, and enriching lives.

For Fern Siebler, this feature of her two original artworks 'Soul of stars i' and 'Where the light pours in ii', both selected by contestants from Art Lovers Australia Collingwood Gallery represents not only a milestone in her artistic journey, but also a moment of gratitude for the incredible opportunity.

A huge thank you to online gallery Art Lovers Australia, who are proud suppliers to Dream Home on Channel 7.

Nancy, Jarrod and the team at Art Lovers Australia have supported Fern for several years in her art career for which she is immensely grateful.

Below are the two original artworks featured in Elle's Watsonia renovation, in the master bedroom and guest bedroom courtesy of the Channel 7 Dream Home Pinterest page. Dreamy! xx

About 'Soul of stars i'

'When I look up at the stars I see an infinite number of beautiful souls. A glimmer in the dark night sky, I see as a reminder. I think of those I have lost, and those I was yet to know. As they twinkle I wonder what their stories are. I think of all the memories sparkling away in the sky, and I hope others are looking up, doing the same. Remembering those they love. I think stars are magical and in this piece I have tried to capture these thoughts.'

About 'Where the light pours in ii'

'Dappled light, flickering through the leaves. As you walk past this piece on different angles, pay close attention to the gold highlights, as they flicker and shine just like the sunlight would through the leaves as you peek up through the foliage at the sky.' 

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