'Can't be broken' on House Rules 2020

'Can't be broken' on House Rules 2020

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I am very excited to share my artwork has been featured on on the latest season of renovation show House Rules airing on Channel 7.

This series, House Rules: High Stakes, is the first to feature a partnership with Art Lovers Australia – bringing homegrown Australian artists into the picture with a focus on original work that is selected as the centrepiece of each renovation. With new hosts Jamie Durie and Abbey Way, as well as a new judging panel and new format, the show’s eighth season is creating a huge buzz among home renovators.

It’s been the opportunity of a lifetime for me to launch my work into the national spotlight. My artwork ‘Can’t be broken’ was featured on this week’s episode as part of the renovation by contestants Lenore and Bradley for Cranbourne couple Kayne and Aimee’s home.

‘Can’t be broken’ is an expressive abstract with a composition of soft earthy pinks and greens amongst bold black and grey, balanced with my signature sparkling gold detailing.

 “When Nancy from Art Lovers Australia called me late one evening with the exciting news my work had been chosen, we both giggled excitedly as the contestants had asked to split my painting into a diptych, and I had titled it ‘Can’t be broken’.” 

The painting has a very special and deep meaning. “The paintings were inspired by strength. And how even when we might have things happen to us that are bad, we can’t be broken.” said Fern. “I’m a true believer that if we fall, we rise stronger than before. We are filled with more knowledge, self-love and strength than before whatever it was that happened, and for that we will be forever more filled with love and gratitude. This is powerful.”

Right now more than ever it is important to focus on and immerse ourselves in art, and help support our local Australian arts community through this difficult time. “Art has pulled me out of many really hard times in my life, I find the process of creating healing and therapeutic. I have no doubt it will help me time and time again and right now it is helping me personally navigate this terrible crisis. Whether you are painting yourself, looking at art or hanging art in your home, I believe it can have a huge positive impact on your life and your mental health.” 

“I only hope you feel a sense of strength and calm when you look at my paintings, knowing that whatever happens it will be okay.” 

A big thank you to the lovely contestants Lenore and Bradley for selecting this work and the amazing Art Lovers Australia for making it happen! I am forever grateful  

A special huge thank you to Kara, Nick and the team at @formanpictureframing who no joke printed and framed this is under 2 hours for me 😱 


1 – Create a light filled, modern, eco ranch

2 – Embrace texture, upcycling and wood

3 – Be soft and subtle with colours

4 – Think inside out with the bathroom

5 – Bring relaxation and the rainforest into our master

'Can't be broken' is available on at Art Lovers Australia as limited edition prints in three sizes on paper https://artloversaustralia.com.au/…/cant-be-broken-fern-si…/