All about prints - Open Edition and Limited Edition

All about prints - Open Edition and Limited Edition

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You may have noticed I have several options for prints to hang in your home!

But I hear you, you may be wondering, Fern, what even is the difference between an Open Edition print and a Limited Edition print? Never fear I have got you covered with the below overview.

In summary, Open Edition prints are just that. The print run, or the amount of prints made are unlimited. They are printed on demand with no set number of how many are printed. They have some really amazing advantages in that this allows the prints to absolutely be the most affordable option to hang artwork in your home! Often, you will be able to purchase a larger print, multiple prints or custom size of an Open Edition print in an affordable way. We can even split artworks into multiple canvases to create a set. The options are endless. And the quality of the prints are amazing. The colours, materials and workmanship are all phenomenal. All printed and framed in Australia. It's really a win win.

Next up, we have Limited Edition prints. These are limited to a certain amount that will be printed in my lifetime. So, for example, if it is an edition of 30 prints. This is forever. Like, once sold out never to be seen again. This makes the pricing higher than an open edition print to account for the lower amount being printed. The value of the print can increase over time and often of interest to collectors. For me personally, I offer the option to hand embellish my limited edition print ranges with gold leaf, making them extra special. In terms of quality, they are printed to an archival standard, also known as giclee printing. Limited edition prints are numbered, signed and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Then we have the original artwork. The original is the one-off textured piece created with the original medium - ink, paint etc, of which prints are then sometimes made if the artist chooses to do so. It is worth noting that unless otherwise specified, artists always retain the copyright of their works even when sold to a customer. So a buyer, or other person, cannot reproduce these in any way without written permission.

So, to conclude (and I never thought I'd write that word 'conclude' again after I finished high school essay writing haha!), you are receiving a high quality print either way. The final choice of most people deciding between the two, may come down to; budget, your space/size you need, your personal preferences as to what you prefer or ultimately which print you like the look of the most! There is no right or wrong. If you fall in love with a particular piece chances are it's the one for you :)

If you do have any questions at all I am here and happy to help guide you through options for selecting prints for your space. I can even mock-up artworks in your home if you email me a photo of your wall and the piece you like. My email is

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps. Fern xxx