Originals - A Love As Deep As The Ocean
Originals - A Love As Deep As The Ocean

A love as deep as the ocean

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121 x 91  - *Unstretched, on rolled canvas. There is overhang / extra size on edges for stretching.

A love as deep as the ocean -  is an original from my collection ‘Fragments’ completed in 2021. There are flecks of 24 karat gold leaf scattered throughout the artwork adding a beautiful depth to the piece.

I have built upon this collection for over 12 months now. The inspiration from this series came from within, truly born from my lived experiences. The series has allow me to explore who I am, the art of self-love and self-expression. Each piece is intuitive, unlike any other I create. Each mark, brush stroke, every inch of canvas is a feeling captured in that moment. A feeling released. And my mind set free to be myself.

Signed on the front, and named and dated on the back. Comes with certificate of authenticity.

Mixed media with gold leaf scattered throughout.